Fancy Blue Loose Cultured Diamond

Emerald Fancy Blue Diamond
my husband loves this..

Round Fancy Blue Diamond
while I love this..

When I was young, I used to admire those rings with diamonds. When my friends and I talked about diamonds, usually the colorless white round shaped diamond would appear on my head.

As years passed, I realized that there are many other colored diamonds such as yellow, orange, green, blue, red and pink. Different colored diamond has different attractiveness.

Of all the colors, I love blue. Blue has been my favorite colors since I was young. Recently when I heard about fancy loose blue diamonds, I was indeed impressed. Since I was keen about blue, I look out for the fancy blue ones. I hope to get that blue fancy diamond as my birthday gift from my husband. I got to tell him about it.

Lab grown diamonds offers fancy cut shapes such as round, princess, oval, emerald and radiant.

Which shape do you like?

Created-Diamonds has much to offer.


  1. haha, truly, i don't find them fancy at all.. but really diamonds are a girl's best friend?? :p

  2. As a male, i don't really fancy any jewelry. I do not know why.

  3. diamonds are a girl's best friend...true ar? haha

  4. If your husband reads your blog, that will do the job! I hope you get your blue fancy diamond! I'm not a diamond gal but if I get "some", I wouldn't complain :)... any shape and size is welcomed.

  5. My choice will always be an oval shaped diamond,,, wish i could be able to buy one for my lovely wife,,,she has been wanting to buy a diamond or omega watch, both cannot afford lah,,hahahah


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