Movie World

Warner Bros. Movie World, often abbreviated to Movie World, is a popular movie related theme park on the Gold Coast.

The park contains various movie-themed rides and attractions ranging from motion simulators to roller coasters and slow river rides. In addition, costumed character performers also patrol the park, allowing visitors the chance to take photos with them.

It opened on June 3, 1991.

It's the Movie World!

the entrance

the ticket

the Superman Escape

the Batwing Spaceshot

the Batman mobile


Watched Shrek 4D!


  1. did u try that supermand and batman ride??

  2. Great to see yr pics. I was there over 10 years ago, and I can't remember much of it.

  3. Nice shots. I've been to similar places in California when I've been visiting the Los Angeles area, they're a lot of fun.

  4. I remembered riding in that batman's mobile!Love this place.

  5. WOW! the superman escape roller coaster track looks awesome ... I don't think I have the gut to ride through it. Thanks for sharing this interesting place :)

  6. Movies-based theme park? Cool! The batman ride looks like the solero shot we have here in Genting!

  7. Now I wish I am back at the Gold coast again.

  8. Look fun! Like Universal Studios in Florida!

  9. eh..something like universal studios.. :)

  10. Looking at all those rides makes me tired. I don't think I have the energy I once had LOL

  11. Staying at Alexandra Headlands and was thinking of going to Movie World on the Gold Coast. Is it possible to get public transport? How long would it take?

  12. I have been searching for the title of a movie that features time travel tourism that results in serious consequences when someone steps off the path. Resulting trips back to fix the mistake only seem to make it worse. What is this movie? Thanks.


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