Oakey Creek Sheep Station

Dreamworld’s Australian Wildlife Experience is one of the largest native wildlife parks in South East Queensland

Some good old fashioned fair dinkum fun

It's a light hearted look at Australian life on the land.

Sheep Shearing


  1. Couldnt watch the sheep being shearing..

  2. Hahahah... actually, the sheep would feel more comfy after shearing, especially in summer!

  3. did u get ur hands on those baa baa black sheeps too? haha

  4. I have been to farm show where they demonstrate sheep shearing and feeding of young lambs.

  5. Whoo! It was so soft and I have done that sheep shearing before. I am sure my kids will love to be there.

  6. Ahhh...the sheep must had been crying for help. Hehehe

  7. this is very interesting.. i wonder how many years of experience do they need to accummulate to do that so smoothly??

  8. woahhh!!! so sad so sad :( i dont dare to watch the video lah...

    have a fabulous day!!!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca


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