Nickelodeon Central

Nick Central at Dreamworld is the coolest kids zone bursting with 17 different rides and attractions based on Nickelodeon cartoon characters. Oozing with interactive family fun, Nick Central is a place where kids rule and can live and breathe Nickelodeon all day long.

Runaway Reptar Rollercoaster

Swoop, twist and turn!

Not only for kids, it seems for adults too!


  1. Nickelodeon is both me and my son's favourite.

  2. you've shown us lots of ride in the park but have you actually tried any?? :p

  3. Yeah! Did you hop on and enjoy the ride? :D

  4. ya, I tried one at Movie World and it was so scary.

  5. I wouldn't tried it! Too scary for me.

    Love the pics!

    B xx

  6. Hi Wenn, beautiful pics. Have fun, Lee.

  7. Not for me lah, too scary hehehe.

  8. oh i would like to drop by someday!!! seems so fun!

  9. That definitely is not for me!

  10. Never been to this theme park before. Looks like fun! :)

  11. looks like disney world to mee!! lots of rides!! must be a lot of fun lah. but for me - im not a rides person. I hardly go on ANY rides because I'm a scary cat.

    have a fabulous day!!!
    jen @


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