Special meeting

Finally, I decided to meet Claire for the first time. I messaged her..

Tuesday (17/8/10)

Me: Good morning, Claire. Would you be free this Sunday morning?

Claire: Yes.

Me: Wanna walk at Polo? Then breakfast on me.

Claire: Hey, very early? Tell me the time.

Me: Up to your convenience.

Claire: Ok, 8.30 meet in Polo. Walk 2 rounds then go breakfast. How about that?

Me: Ok, will call u. Please wait at the stage.

Claire: Ok

Sat (21/8/10)

Me: Since we are meeting for the first time, I will give you a special treat. Please be at Indulgence at 9am tomorrow.

Claire: Wow, so special? Only both of us? Ok, I meet you there at nine.

I was there just before Claire came. I got out from my car and walked to her. She was trying to call me but it was not necessary..

We shook hands and we started talking.

She handed me some cupcakes which were made by Elin.

Orange Poppy Seeds Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting


Thanks Claire for accepting my invitation..
It was fun chatting with you..
Hope to see more of you..

Wanna see what we had, hop over to Scrumptious.


  1. Wenn, the next meal trip will be on me, OK? hope we can meet again soon, this time i will bring along
    Elin... see what she will cook for us!! hahahaa...
    Anyway, thanks again for the wonderful meal!

  2. Ouh...so I have seen you lar. :p

  3. What fun! A meet up with fellow blogger. :)

  4. What fun! A meet up with fellow blogger. :)

  5. What fun! A meet up with fellow blogger. :)

  6. I like this...meet up with other blogger. Nice!

  7. ya, it's fun and I'm glad Claire enjoyed the breakfast as much as I did.

  8. I love meeting my bloggy friends, please let me know when your travels brings you to Los Angeles!

  9. she is on heck of friendly lady ya :D

  10. Amazing! What a fun a meeting with a fellow blogger must be!

    B xx

  11. its really tasty ! can i taste it please (;)


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