AirAsia, my first experience

12Mar2011 (Sat)

We reached the LCCT at about 5am.
Very early though but many passengers were already there.
This was my first experience with AirAsia.

It's not a very big area though as compared to KLIA.

We were very early..

Finally, the counter was opened. But not on time! 10 min late!
And I spotted something!
Can you see what's wrong here??

Never mind..finally we got to board the plane!
My mum and girl were very excited.

My..the flight was delayed too!


  1. Enjoy your trip....
    Airasia flight can be delayed or change their timing anytime.
    I can't spot what is wrong with the second pic....tell me..

  2. It doesn't matter as long as both your mama and girl enjoy it. :D You know what? They are lucky ler. Even I haven't been onto a plane before o.

  3. I seldom use Air Asia...too much of a hassle. These days, much better than when they first started - it was really bad then. Now, ok lah...want cheap, hope for the best but expect the worst! Then you will not be disappointed.

  4. Air Asia? hahaha...that is why is call cheap and economy! hehehe.... We usually skip the long Q, we opt for the self check in - faster and easy too. Then just drop our luggage at the counter!

  5. Have not taken AA flight before, heard about the good, bad & ugly. Cant spot anything wrong with the 3rd pix. You expect an English word "OPEN" below BUKA?

  6. oh, your first time taking AirAsia?? hmmm, no surprise the flights are always delayed, 10min is consider very good~~ :p

  7. you pay peanuts you get monkeys! lolz
    Fyi, I could only afford peanuts too ;)

  8. bad experience of air asia, i guess.

  9. budget airlines... dont expect them to be very prompt! but well, since i could only afford budget airlines, how could i complain? :)

    once my departure flight was delayed for a few hrs and the return flight was pushed earlier. that caused my overall trip to be shortened a lot, and i gotta make changes to my itinerary. shucks!

  10. the moment u decide to take AA u must know something, that AA is famous for 'delays'. Once we've embedded that in our head, it will be a pleasure flying AA coz u wont be 'bothered' by the delays and just enjoy the flight.. :D

  11. I would be more prepared next time.

  12. Btw, Suituapui saw what i saw..Good! AirAsia should correct the mistake!


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