Poring Hot Spring

It was about two and a half hour journey to Poring from Kota Kinabalu.
Here's the Poring Hot Spring.

Many local kids were already in the pool.

I wanted to try this but the flow of the water was too slow.

I wanted to swim too but the pool was too congested with locals.

After the canopy walk, we had some time here. My mum just wanted to rest.

But so many people were enjoying themselves there.

So I insisted that my girl accompanied my mum to soak her tired legs.


  1. There's a hotspring near my house... but I never tried dipping my feet there... it looks as if the water is boiling... so I dun dare try it out.

  2. Cleff, don't try the hot spring lah.....nanti become lagi kerus.....LOL!

  3. I didn't go in either. The ladies went and soak themselves init...and all came out wrinkled like a dried prune. LOL!!!

  4. oh, they have many individual small pools for small groups.. hmm, but i see the water is quite murky leh..

  5. Aww...I see the hot springs are like the one I have been to. A little bit green don't you think? :p

  6. Healthy hot springs, so many of it! I love it so so much but have yet got the change to try it!

  7. You at KK now? good then. teher is so many palces too visit..

  8. it's murky cos of the sulphuric content.

  9. I see Poring has improved!! Thanks for the nice shots!!


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