TM Package (2)

TM Package (1)

I talked about upgrading my Streamyx in August last year. A cordless phone would be sent to me. But until recently, I still didn't receive it yet. It has been 6 months already. So recently I talked to the TM guy who is my customer and I mentioned that the cordless phone was nowhere to be seen. He immediately called his TM partner. Then he told me to collect it from TM Ipoh personally.

Two days ago, after visiting my travel agent, I appeared at TM asking about the cordless phone. Very simple indeed! I was given the phone straight away.

For the past two days, I used the cordless phone at my husband's shop. It was rather convenient. I could talk on the phone anywhere inside the shop!

Suddenly, it rained heavily this evening and there was a loud thunder. I just reached home and the lights were off. After switching it on at the switch box, I quickly checked the phone line. My goodness, the line was dead. The fax machine was dead and I couldn't find my old TM phone.

Since I didn't have the time to look into the problem, I left it as it was until I came back from work after 10pm.

When checked, I found that the phone filter has broken. Luckily I had a spare one. So I just fixed it and connect it to the cordless phone. Voila, it works and my modem is still in good shape.

Otherwise, I would have cursed the thunder. Thank God, all's fine..


  1. considering surge protection plugs??

  2. Hi Wenn, Wow, you are a handy person. Good for you.

  3. Meaning that you have the lightning arrester lar? Thank goodness right? :D


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