Kota Kinabalu Airport, Terminal 2

What is today Terminal 2 used to be the original terminal building of the airport when it was first built. It is accessed via Jalan Mat Salleh in Tanjung Aru and is located on the other side of the runway from Terminal 1.

Terminal 2 is really for charter and low cost carrier. Sometime, it is called LCCT. Terminal 2 has recently undergone a major renovation and extension and it re-opened on January 1, 2007 in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2007. It was completed 27 months ahead of schedule.

Although it is renovated to serve the low cost carriers, namely AirAsia, it is not a low cost carrier terminal (LCCT) as that of Kuala Lumpur International Airport's LCCT, as here, other full service airlines may utilize the terminal.

It has 26 check-in counters for domestic and international flights and 6 parking bays for B737 and A320 aircraft as well as 7 luggage x-ray machines, a VIP room and 13 immigration counters. The terminal has the capacity to handle 3 million passengers annually.

Simple yet beautiful..


  1. Yup! This is certainly a lot nicer than KL's LCCT - that one like Puduraya Bus Station. Ysk! Tsk!

  2. New and nice airport! Makes LCCT looks like shit...ha ha ha!

  3. BKI airport T2 looks like an airport..haha. LCCT no comments. Mama says if nothing better to say don't say anything woh. I say no say loh. tQ.

  4. have not been to KK before, but this certainly looks like a nice airport to me..

  5. so it looks like this..now i know.. :)

  6. Wow..KK's airport terminal is really outstanding. I've never been there before.

  7. Certainly nicer than KL LCCT.

    Agreed with STP's said..like Pudu Raya Bus station..

  8. Wow...this really looks good. Too bad I haven't been to LCCT myself. :p If not I can compare both of them.


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