Poring Canopy Walk

It is estimated that 75% of tropical rainforest animals spend most of their time in the forest canopy. The canopy layer is situated more than 20 meters above the ground and is a convenient natural hideout for many animals. The canopy walkway is the best way to observe such animals. Animals observed on the canopy appear less fearful to human compared to when observed on the ground.

The canopy walkway is essentially rope and steel cable suspension bridges that zig-zag through the crowns of the tallest, strongest and long lasting trees such as "Menggaris" (Kompassia excelsa) and 'Seraya' (Shorea sp). The walkway is composed of a series of 5 meters aluminium ladders bolted together and suspended horizontally from cables. Laced with polyester ropes, the open rungs of ladders are covered with walking boards. Nettings enclosed both sides to add safety.

There are 3 circuits of canopy walkways with a total length of 373.6 meters and a height of up to 41 meters depending on the slope of the land below. The walkway is opened to the public in May 1990. The first circuit has a 'Y' shape with a total length of 157.6 meters, and has been established as a tourist walkway. It is open from 9.00am - 4.00pm everyday.


We started our hiking.

It was quite slippery as it rained the day before.

My mum had no problem hiking up.

Finally, we reached the starting point of the canopy walkway.

Mum started her walk. She was not nervous at all!

She was waiting for me at the other end.

Here's how it looked like from the other end.

We just walked down easily but...

at certain part, my mum was helped by our tour guide.

It was exciting!
This was our first time ever to walk on a canopy.
Awesome experience!


  1. Wow, your mom has good stamina for a person her age!

  2. wow, your mom is cool!! definitely rare for a lady of her age to be able to climb the hill..

  3. A lovely place to visit and have adventure. Your mum is so brave. :D

  4. Wow, two thumbs up for your Mom! That was a great walk. Have a blessed week, Wenn :).

  5. Wow...your mum very fit o. At this age she can still hike! Salute! :D

  6. Your mum kuat li-hai! Better than me - I just waited at the "lobby" - just sat there, relaxing while the others went... LOL!!!

  7. Clap clap to your mum... :)

    How long is the walk?

  8. what caught my attention the most was the pictures of your mom,, please tell her i salute and tabik her............ so happy to see that really.

    Just look at her,feeling so happy ( i bet she was tired ) but then again she did all that,, man she is my hero lah

  9. i think your mum has to hold me lar!

  10. LOL @ Claire's comment!

    Yalor, your mom is indeed one of the strongest and toughest lady I ever seen!


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