To Kota Kinabalu

Flight delayed half an hour. The flight to KK took about two and a half hour. Plane took off at 8.30am.

at 10.50am - still above the sky.
I love those clouds!

at 11am - the vast ocean!

the land below the wind - Sabah

almost there..that must be Mount Kinabalu!

which river?

finally..Kota Kinabalu!

Landed safely at 11.07am

Now everyone can fly!

Air Asia was not bad after all!
But I got the tickets late so the fare was rather expensive.
Anyway it was a good experience!

Might consider Air Asia again!


  1. Now everyone can fly...except me...well not yet lar. :p

    Aww....I love those clouds too. Very blue and beautiful.

  2. yeah, i would say AA is not bad at all.. i even took AA to London few years back.. :p

  3. Waiting for your sharing as me and friend planning to go there...

  4. No complaint about flight and service, even with delays...very nice AND CHEAP! - It's the LCCT that I cannot stand. Worse than Puduraya bus station! Tsk! Tsk!

  5. never been to KK yet.. wait for 0 fare first. :)

  6. your windmill photo, where is it? If I died, you bury me there, I will rise from the dead. It is just heavenly.

  7. it feels great when you're above the clouds, isn't it?


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