Valentine's gift for my mum (2)

Valentine's gift for my mum (1)

Two weeks ago, I have decided to take my mum for a vacation and after much selection, I opted for Vietnam. I was waiting for the trip to be confirmed. Then yesterday, I was frustrated as my Vietnam trip won't materialize. According to my travel agent, the trip was canceled because of poor response. People seem to wait for the MATTA Fair.

My travel agent was kind enough to enquire for me if there's any other tour available from other travel agency but unfortunately, registration for tours during the school holidays were closed.

Worst comes to the worst, I decided to visit East Malaysia instead. This morning, I had seen my travel agent and had entrusted her to get a good bargain for me.

She suggested that I take Air Asia as it's much cheaper than MAS. This afternoon she confirmed my trip and I was so happy.

Tomorrow, I would double confirm by paying and I can't wait for the school holidays.

Still, it would be the best valentine's gift for my mum..


  1. Aww...your mama will be happy to know you are planning this amazing vacation for her. :)

  2. So holiday hurry and come. :D

  3. You right. Best valentine's gift ever.

  4. Where in East Malaysia are you going? Not Sibu, I'm sure...

  5. suituapui, we will be exploring sabah.
    angeline, i must visit vietnam next time.

  6. That's super sweet of you to treat your mommy a vacation(regardless of the distance)!

    Have a nice weekend, God bless you for your filiality!

  7. if i were to have a daughter, i want her to be like YOU! :D

  8. East Msia...which part? If Sibu..then can come and visit me.

  9. Enjoy your holidays with your mom!

  10. Have a pleasant holiday eat as much wind as possible.. Come to think about it we Chinese do have a very unique way of saying things like 'eat wind' even in BM also 'makan angin' haha..~;).

  11. I will be in Kota Kinabalu.


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