Weird Sengkuang Plant

First of all, I bought this sengkuang but couldn't find the time to cook it. It was left as it was until..

a shoot came out..

It got taller..

and taller. So I planted it.


It had some flowers!

On 4-3-11, I took the whole picture.

no more flowers but..


How come??


  1. This is really weird.. The beans will turn into sengkuang soon?

  2. Sengkuang beans? Maybe they grow from beans when it drops...and their roots become sengkuangs?

  3. That is weird. Perhaps this is a hybrid senkuang? :D

  4. I dont know, I thought sengkuang found under ground??? Sorry, not a plant person.

  5. Scary........ something else came out. haha..... have you harvested the beans?

  6. haha, this is amazing!!! or perhaps someone planted the pea inside the sengkuang?? :D

  7. Wow no longer a fairy tale about Jack but "Wenn and the Beanstalk"???~;).

  8. I liked the photos of the various stages of the plant's growth. Neat!

  9. This is indeed weird!
    So did you try eating the beans?

  10. May be you got a mother plant...therefore you got the beans!!
    Next week I will visit my sengkuang supplier's farm. He grows a lot of sengkuang. I will ask him about the beans. In fact sengkuang is grown on the ground like sweet potatoes. You actually have a climber there. That is interesting too.

  11. Jicama has beans? I did not know leh. Is it eadible?

    Its a very interesting post, thanks for sharing.


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