Weird Phone Calls

Way back when I was still teaching in 2006, I had received several phone calls from an unknown person.

He used to call in the middle of the night and when I picked up the calls, it was silence at the other end of the line.

Usually, my husband would come back late but on one particular night, he was around and the phone rang. He picked up my call as I was in the toilet.

Sure enough, it was the same person and my husband got angry. So from that night onwards, I had to switch off my phone.

Few days had passed and I thought that I had get rid of that nuisance. But no! The same anonymous call came through while I was in school. Of course, I dismissed it.

Then I started to get weird messages. I couldn't tell my husband about it. I consulted a friend. I was told to get a new number for my phone. So I went hunting for a nice phone number.

From that day on, no more weird calls and I learned a lesson.

Never ever give my numbers to just about anybody.

Have you experienced such nuisance?


  1. I have got choice, in business have to spread my call cards around lah but thank god so far nothing or no nuisance call, only got china dolls calls,that's all, usually i hanged up as soon as i know the calls are not bonafide

  2. Me not really, as i don't simply give numbers to them.

  3. hmmm, never experience that before.. perhaps changing number is the best option..

  4. Never experienced weird calls yet. But I sometimes got calls from people looking for the same lady. When I complained to Maxis, I was informed that it might be the previous number owner. Recycling handphone number to customers sure suck because sometimes people call that lady to remind about non-payment! Sheesh.

  5. Not me, but my sister did. I think victims are usually females : )

  6. I did. Some sick student making obscene calls 1-2 a.m. - boy, probably gay...and madly in love with me! ROTFL!!!

  7. last night i just posted on FB how I received a weird call from a stupid guy who hung up when my husband answered... :(

    of coz my hubs not happy...

  8. Hope there was no friction between hubby and yourself.
    I think many of us have had this experience. I'm sure mine came from facebook since I posted my hp number in it.

  9. Not that I can recall. :/ So far someone called me...and spoke to me in languages that I don't understand. LOL :D

  10. oh, i experienced before.. then i purposely didnt off my phone so that his money was wasted.. i let it on till he disconnected it.. actually wasting of money if do like this, right?

  11. I was twice received calls from a lady(1st time) and a man(2nd time) crying for help and kept calling me 'mama', when I asked them who were they, they didn't answer my question but kept repeating the same dialogue, I just hung up the phone!

    Since when on earth I have got such old children?!!

  12. Lucky it never happened to me...

  13. Never encountered the weirs calls & hopefully no in future!

  14. I had few unknown calls to me and normally I will pass it to my husband. The caller will remained silent and my husband do the same. And finally he/she hang up the call.


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