According to Cambridge International Dictionary of English, 'elocution' is the art of careful public speaking, using clear pronunciation and good breathing to control the voice.

I remembered that when I was in Form Four, I was made the monitor of a Science class. Actually I was a rather timid person but surprisingly I was chosen as one. It was indeed scary for me. I hated to meet teachers but I had to see them so often.

I also disliked speaking in front of the class. So when I was made monitor, I had to speak to a class of noisy students. Sometimes they refused to listen too!

One day, all the monitors were called for a short meeting. We were told to tell our respective classes regarding an elocution contest which was to be held on a certain date. Initially, I couldn't understand it as it was a new word to me.

I was needed to convey to my class. I had to explain to the students too. That's why until today I still remember this word, 'elocution'.

But I realized that we don't use this word anymore. 'Public Speaking' is used instead.

So do you like public speaking?


  1. Not really...but emcee-ing is ok with me and I train my students in public speaking.

  2. I don't mind to do public speaking. :p Why not?

  3. Hahahaha! It ain't easy to talk in public. That's for sure. Students always think it is easy.

    But I believe you did a good work there.

  4. it really need a lot of guts to speak in public..

  5. I enjoy it very much! Used to give speech in Malay and English when I was in school, standard 4 till form 5! ^-^

  6. Nope, didn't really enjoy the sight of people yawning and rolling their eyes while I was giving a speech. I think I need a speech therapist.


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