Free Dresses, anyone?

I chanced upon an online boutique and it offers free dresses for bloggers. Of course, it captured my eyes. I quickly sent my blog URL and commented, "That's interesting! I would love to take part!"

The next morning, I received a mail..It says,

"I have taken a look at your blog, it looks great. Yes, you can proceed."

Why wait..I blog about it immediately!

I just need to blog about Malaysia Online Boutiques and I will get a FREE apparel from the sponsor, ie Irenelim Fashion.

Go and have a look at it straight away, Malaysia Online Boutiques.

I am sure most of us are eligible..Is your blog at least 3 months old and has regular postings (at least one post every week)?.

If so, you are DEFINITELY eligible.

Not difficult, right? Quick, go visit Malaysia Online Boutiques and follow the instructions carefully.  

All the best!

Please note this:

After you have published your article, contact the store to notify him/her. Then, you can proceed to make an order for ONE of the sponsored apparels. Once an order is placed, you can notify the store owner, and he/she will deliver the apparel to your address.


Note: Delivery cost is not included

You must pay for the delivery cost. For Poslaju, the estimated delivery cost are:

Klang Valley: RM6

West Malaysia: RM8

Sarawak: RM10

Sabah: RM11

Great! Just pay such small amount for an apparel! Who wouldn't want that!

 I'm sure many of the ladies out there would die for it..

Haha..just joking. If you think you want to participate, just go ahead. Very simple. Just tell the whole world about it and you would be so happy that you have shared!

I will choose one of the apparels and show you when I have got it, okay?

Here are some of the apparels..If you want to see more, go to the site..

Long Sleeve Pearl Pockets Office Blouse
Smart Casual Office Blouse with Scarf White
Sweet Color Perforated Flowery Blouse nice
Rolled Collar Stretchy Bottom Pretty Blouse Blue

Here's what you need to do..

Send Malaysia Online Boutiques your blog URL. Once you get their green light, you can then start to blog about it.

Your post must blog about them, about the giveaway and about the sponsors briefly. Your post must NOT be less than 500 words, and should contain at least 2 links to this website.

Anyway, this site provides great information. I like this very much..

Dress to Look 10 Years Younger

Do you look older than your peers, even worse if you have wrinkles that surface faster than the price of petrol rocketing? Ever wondered how women in their 50s can look as though they are only 30? They’ve probably had surgery but no, you don’t plan to resort to that. Simply change your dressing and shave years off your age. Dressing up differently can change a person’s appearance tremendously. The cutting, print and material used each transform your look.
If you need some tips on how to look ten years younger without having to go under the knife, read on to know what changes you can make to your wardrobe.

Ditch prints with tiny motif and more..

Read more about it at Malaysia Online Boutiques.

 I simply love Malaysia Online Boutiques!


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