Badminton/Ye Olde English

Because of badminton, we went out for our early dinner yesterday. That was because we don't have astro and Ye Olde English seems to be a good choice for 'eat and watch tv'. 

my Chicken Maryland

my girl's grilled salmon

my son and his dad had fish and chips

We watched the side tv while both the guys watched the one behind us.

side dish - prawns

winter melon drink -
made sure that we stayed till the end of the badminton fight
between Lee CW and Lin Dan.

Lin Dan embraces Lee Chong Wei after 
the Malaysian world No.1 was forced to retire 
whilst trailing 17-20 in the third game. 
- The Star

It was indeed a great show and I'm so sorry for Lee CW.


  1. This morning radio announced that he was too dehydrated to go on...

  2. nice food to go with the badminton match.. and i think it's great sometimes to watch matches in the public together with many other fans around you, it gets more excited and a better ambiance.. well well well, but the results was again like a curse??

  3. I am so surprised that you do not have astro at home. It is not that you cannot afford but maybe due to other reasons! I can live without internet at home but not Astro. LOL
    I need to watch foreign news everyday and the Korean dramas!

  4. I would have wished for LCW to win but many said it won't happen. His performance seems predictable at times to many.

  5. Your side dish prawns looked delicious and crispy. I like that!

  6. LCW really should retire before he loses part of his body and try not to make himself anymore shameful than this... time for other local players to shine.

  7. Watching with a lotbif people has more umph than watching alone

  8. badminton one of the sport im looking forward to try
    and play, it was i think quite easy and sure is fun

  9. each dish was very appetizing i like it all,
    the chicken salmo and the rest it was very

  10. the prawns was quite interesting it has this unique shape
    on which i can't think of the way it was made

  11. have a great day and happy blogging wenn
    take the best of care and god bless you

  12. Nice dinner.

    Not so great badminton match.

  13. Hello Wenn, what a great idea to go for early dinner and watch the match live. The food looks delicious! Too bad LCW did not win.

  14. The prawns looks appetizing! Special I'd say~

    1. Yea, I feel sorry for Dato LCW too! But I know he did his best already, Malaysians are still proud of him!

  15. Mentioned abut badminton, I was very sorry to Dato LCW too. Just his luck is not so good whenever he met LinDan

  16. Another new backdrop and new colours. I like it very much.

  17. I know I miss a lot of your post....I'll be bec again and comment when I'm free ok?

  18. From your dinner's foodie photos. I love the chicken maryland platter and your gal's salmon set.

  19. Looks like a big portion Wenn. Having dinner while watching Badminton, shiok right?

    We also act the same on yesterday evening. We purposely went out earlier for dinner and hope to come back to watch Dato LCW and LinDan match. But the game started earlier that we expected... So we eat while watching the game too...

  20. Where's Claire, she must upset about Dato lose, but he is a great fighter till the end of match. From the TV, I can feel how pain is his leg. Gosh, Hopefully he is alright.

  21. The fish and chip looks yummy to me!!! =]

  22. Yeah, too bad LCW had to retire due to injury. Still, he made it to the finals and that says a lot. The salmon dish looks good and the prawns look cute, all wrapped up nice and warm. haha..

  23. I love how your meals look, they look delicious! I would like to contact you about a potential guest post, do you have an e-mail address I could write to? Best, Edith at


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