My first rented house

When we got married, we stayed in the shop for a few years before we shifted to our first rented house. That house belonged to an old lady who stayed on the other part of the whole house with his handicapped son. The house was specially built for her late mother. Soon her mother passed away and she let it out for rental.

I happened to know about the rental and I planned to shift in as soon as possible. I didn't know anything about the former occupant. I was just too happy to have found a new place to stay.

Day by day, I shifted in my stuff from my place at the shop. I always used the back door as my room was located at the back portion of the second shop. Finally, only left the furniture that were to be shifted. I chose a convenient Sunday as my husband was not working. However, the day was still in the seventh month of the Chinese calender.

When I shifted in, I didn't even set up any altar for the god/goddess.
My eldest girl was four years and I brought back my second girl who was two years old from Taiping as she was taken care by my aunt. My mum came to stay with me and took care of them. A year later I gave birth to my third girl. I employed a maid to help my mum. I taught her how to cook and mix milk for my kids. 

I showed her how to mix the milk and she seemed to follow my instructions. But once I caught her unexpectedly whereby she didn't follow my instruction. She actually poured hot water onto the milk powder. But she didn't stay long as she ran away with someone.

During our stay in this house, my second girl always cried when she got up from bed. My youngest girl would cry just after midnight. Something weird was going around the house. My mum injured her ankle and I had an accident right in front of my house. 

So I looked around for another rented place and found one. Coincidentally, my landlady wanted back the house. So this time we shifted but I had chosen a good day. 


Few years ago, my eldest girl related her story about the house. It seemed to be haunted. She actually saw something in white flying passed her room. She could only stare as she didn't know what it was..

We stayed in that house for three years..

Moral of the story: Don't shift in the seventh month of the Chinese calender.


  1. Good morning Wenn,

    What a scary story! Fortunately everyone of you were all ok while living there.

    Have a nice day! Enjoy your day, :)

  2. Agree. I shifted during the ghost month last year, and so many bad things happened...was miserable til this very day in that house!

  3. Too late....hubs doesn't believe in that n insisted to shift in before the in laws arrive. .....

  4. Sounds eerie.. anyway, all turn for the better now.. that is all that counts.. :)

  5. Woo, very scary. Your daugther saw it?

    1. Maybe that time, your daughter saw something, but she didn't thought of that "thing" yet. Anyway, everything is over now.

  6. Actly, whether we believe it or not, it is better not to do anything on the seventh month!

  7. Seeing is believing !

    Recently, we went to view an apartment for SALE. We like the interior but was later told by somebody familiar with that area, saying that unit was haunted ! Aaa......

  8. HeLLo Wenn,

    Your story reminds me of the first time I started my life as a married man. I stayed in a few rented houses before buying a house today and I experienced living in a haunted house once.

    As I'm not Chinese, I didn't perceive the ghost's existence as related to the Chinese calendar but rather to what the previous owner kept in the house. It was something like a "magic charm". We disposed it with the help of our priest.

  9. hmmm, that's a good piece of advice.. usually kids will never joke when they see "those" things.. bet that it was all over and nobody was hurt, and i guess you have a big sweet home now right?? :)

  10. Yor... this is scary it gives me goosebumps!!!

  11. You are so detailed and even snapped photos to keep. I have heard of so many houses with invisible things. In fact they are everywhere always, just that we humans didn't connect with their frequencies and dimensions.

  12. I have seen such things many times and no longer feel scared or alarmed so long as they are not dark or black frequencies. White ones or yellowish ones could be some passing deities sometimes.

  13. I would advise anyone to always cleanse the air in their homes by using those dry herbs sold in Many Tibetan Buddhist stores. This is used in Tibet and many countries to purify the premises like homes, bedrooms and offices or even shops so that everything will be smooth and happy.

    I do that very often and they have a nice herbal smell. Even those popular kemiyan used by Malays are effective too.


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