Happiness always

I received a postcard all the way from Haadyai last week. It's from Twilight man who was there recently. Thank you TM for the lovely postcard. It made me happy that day. 

And just two days ago, I received a letter from Lina. She wrote that she knew I use Brooks shoes so she's giving me this voucher. Another day of happiness. I noticed that the voucher has no due date. I will show it to my friend when I need to purchase one in future. Thank you Lina for your generosity.

Coincidentally, I saw a card at my study door. I wonder if it belongs to my girl. I love its wordings. It makes me feel good.

"Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn
and you will."
- Vernon Howard

So here's wishing each and everyone of you


  1. Hello Wenn,

    Yes, I wish you and your family happiness always!

    Good night!

  2. Your heart is very kind and light always. That is why you could feel happy and contented easily. No wonder we could not find any wrinkles on your face!

  3. I was just thinking today about the postcards sent from overseas to my blogger friends. It has gotten longer list now from a mere 3 cards to over 10 and growing. I am thinking whether I am allowed to paste the printed addresses onto postcards? That will save my time copying all the names and addresses. I enjoy sending the cards actually but sometimes I ran out of time in the cold weather when I saw post office.

  4. I will be going to climb mountains again this Winter. It will be a longer trip this time.

  5. Yes, wish you Happiness Always too!~

  6. Wish you all the happiness. Forever!! :)

  7. cool postcards, vouchers and cards you have!! i have to agree, even simple things can already make us happy, it's the thought that counts right??

    stay happy and happy always to you too!! :)

  8. Ya it's true, I don't any wrinkles on your face...Be happy always Wenn.

  9. You know what, When my blog I received lots of comments from you guys, I feel very happy too.

  10. I like the postcard that TM send it to you.

  11. We must be happy always... That is what I do always. hehehe.


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