My loyal Fitline downline

Mr C was a stranger to me when I first met him. I met some Ipoh road runners at the Ipoh International run in 2006. At that time, I was promoting Fitness Drink to some of the road runners. One of them told me to meet their president who might be keen on my Fitline products.

So I called him and we scheduled a time to meet in his office. He is a great listener and I managed to sign him up as my downline.

Till now he is still my loyal downline. Initially I used to call him before I made any orders from Fitline office in KL. But recently, he would call me when he needed to order his Basics and Activize. He still has full confidence in Fitline products.

His Philippines maid was holding the kiwi keychain 
and the two cans of Fitline Basics.

Part of his living room

I love this corner in his guest room.

As an appreciation for his loyalty, I presented him 
a bottle of Fitline Omega 3+E in Glycerol.
Thank you for your continuous support!


  1. Good morning Wenn,

    You are really good to give him a free bottle of fitline for his loyalty. He is also nice to allow you to put his photos on your blog.

    Have a good day!

  2. that's a nice living room... not sure if anyone has a piano is considered rich. LOL

  3. Have a great day and great weekend ahead...

  4. Yes, he is a nice man.. church member but I think you know him more than I do.. hahahaa...

  5. Wah..loyalty is indeed the best thing in life.

  6. hehe wow a filipino maid huh, well
    i must say they were one of the best
    because they were well thought of doing
    all type of chores

  7. he has a lovely house huh,
    and that grand piano, it made that corner
    very sophisticated

  8. but anyway that corner you loved was great indeed
    i like the wall design

  9. have a great day and happy blogging wenn
    take the best of care and god bless you

  10. His house is nice and you are fortunate to have loyal supporters everywhere.

    1. I agree, you got many loyal supporters!

  11. I too love that guest room! Very vintage feel!

  12. Wenn, you so kind and generous lah :)

    His house so cozy ...:)

  13. Your friend house must have enough of space to put in the piano eh... nice house.

  14. I consumed Fitline before... but I don't have it after that.

  15. Yeah I totally agreed, you got many of loyal supporters.

  16. Really love the guest room and the living room's interior decor...

  17. you and him are no more stranger to each other anymore hahaha, but you both are friends now. Or else he won't allowed you to take a photo there.


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