Valentine's gift for my mum

mum with my girl at Hotel Mercure in JB last Dec

Mum stayed with me after I had given birth to my youngest child. Initially it was not easy to persuade her to come and stay with me. She preferred her own house.

When I needed her help, she refused. So I told my brother about the situation. A few days later, my brother called me and told me mum would come and stay with me. He related to me that mum was worried that I would treat her like a servant if she stayed with me. So my brother being my mum's pet managed to bring her to her senses. How could a daughter treat her mum like a servant?

Actually, I had already planned to resign from teaching as I couldn't afford to send all my kids to baby sitters. When finally I heard the good news from my brother, I was so happy as I didn't need to resign.

So mum stayed with me faithfully until recently that she requested to retire. I had approved it as I don't teach anymore. I can cater to my kids' needs easily as my husband's shop is nearby my house. For your information, I had stopped teaching for 3 years by the end of this month. Mum has retired since April last year. But she still came to my house a number of times. And my husband still gave her some pocket money.

So this year I wanted to give something special to my mum. I called her yesterday and told her to come to my house in March. She's always ever willing to come. I told her that I'm taking her for a vacation. She sounded happy.

Of course, she's going with me only. I haven't taken her anywhere far except Singapore.

Mum, I love you.


  1. so sweet. I will be more than happy to follow you too if I were your mom. :)

  2. What a nice Valentine for your mom.

    Have fun on your vacation.:)

  3. Where are you going to, Wenn? *secret* here...
    so nice of your mum to stay with u during the time u needed her most.. my mum also feels comfortable in her own house.. never go to other homes for long...

  4. That's so sweet.. where is she staying now? I'm missing my mom already! During my confinement period she stayed with me.. for a month! haha.. :D

  5. that's nice, hope u both ladies enjoy your holiday!

  6. Yeah, time to travel with your mother.


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