Bucherer Rolex

Just opposite the Omega, is the Bucherer..We got a souvenir from here..a Bucherer spoon.

Rolex is the word!

Carl-Friedrich Bucherer opened his first watch store in 1888 in Lucerne and laid the foundation for a successful family business which has extended to a 3rd generation. Today, Bucherer is one of the leading watch and jewellery retailers in Switzerland with over 1100 employees. 

As watch and jewellery specialists, Bucherer stocks exclusive world-class brand names such as Rolex, Carl F. Bucherer, Chopard, Piaget, IWC, Audemars Piguet, Girard-Perregaux, TAG Heuer, Tudor, Baume & Mercier, Longines, Rado and Gucci.  


  1. those are really expensive watches.

    betty xx

  2. Love the giant gears, Wenn!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


  3. In this digital world, mechanical watch still has appeals.

  4. nice.. and same question again, did you get yourself a watch there?? haha..

  5. SK, I didn't get any watches from Omega n Bucherer but I got it from another place.

  6. Didnt buy any even though been to Lucerne twice. Most of my colleagues buy but not Bananaz, not comfortable wearing it moreover cant afford it. One of our managers bought a RM20k Gold Rolex but only wears it for 'major' functions worried her hand might get chop of. So most of the time locked up in the house wonder is she aware the house is also not a very safe place.

  7. I don't quite fancy watches. Anyway I had one branded one already.

  8. I never imagined to wear one of those expensive watches..hehe..

  9. I also dare not wear a Rolex because I am afraid my hand may get chop off. :P

  10. Lovely to know all these!! Thanks...


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