Down Mt Titlis

Time to get down Mt Titlis..

waiting for the Titlis Rotair

inside the rotair

the world's first revolving serial cable-car

views of the mount

the ice flyer station

next, we took the gondola

amazing views

lastly, the cable car

Finally, I was on the low land near Mt Titlis.

Immediately, I called and elaborated to my girl regarding this awesome place!


  1. Wow...I can see that some parts of the mountain is kinda icy and no vegetation huh! :D

  2. Revolving cable car? Wow! That's nice! Get to see 360 degree views : )

  3. Old now, scared of heights... Not at all when I was young.

  4. amazing views!! awesome.. :)

  5. The staff are very well trained and courteous and able to speak many languages inside the revolving Rotair. Great view tQ.

  6. I love the place too, miss it lots!
    I remembered having taken a shot of a cow, but only the butt since our vehicle was moving too fast lolz



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