Lucerne is a city in north-central Switzerland in the German-speaking portion of that country.

We walked from our hotel to the central of Lucerne. It's just a short distance away.

Finally, the Chapel Bridge..


  1. Lucern and other parts of Switzerland all remind me of the beauty of alpine scenery and of course dairy cows and their wonderful products. And then Switzerland is the birthplace of Red Cross - a movement that has helped millions of people. You must be having the best time of your life!!

  2. Haven't you posted on this place before? After a while, they all start to look the same...

  3. Looks like a very quiet place, not over-run with too many people. Perfect place to be, compared to the busy city lives we are so used to.

  4. Looks quiet and wet? Regardless, I wanna go!!!!

  5. miss that place..........
    reminds me of my honeymooon.... awesome place to visit..

  6. Opening up a Swiss Bank account there? haha.


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