Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

Finally we reached the airport..

Everything was smooth going. We didn't need to fill in any forms. We collected our baggage from the belt easily. Thus, we were left with so much time waiting for our coach.


  1. So advanced that you don't have to fill anything? KLIA should learn from this airport. :)

  2. Happy Weekend to you too Wenn!
    I'm always happy when I arrive at CDG. :)

  3. So Space Age the design! Nice...

    P.S. Do you have to fill anything at KLIA - leaving or coming back? Even your passport, you just scanned and walk through, right?

  4. suituapui, we normally hv to fill in forms when we reach other countries but in Paris, we didn't need to.

  5. Yup...foreigners entering a country (except France) but no need for you people at KLIA, right? Just go out and come back in...

    Some countries even worse, have to apply visa well ahead of trip and wait for approval. Did you people have to do that for any of the countries you went to?

  6. suituapui, we didn't need visa too. Last time, I had to fill in forms before entering another country.

  7. So easy and flexible. Makes me wonder about their lacking security.


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