We were on our way to visit the city of Paris..

all white vehicles

The word 'Hamlet' attracted me as I had studied it for my literary studies.


there's a bicycle too

green environment

cyclists and motorcyclists too's black vehicles

on strike?

LV..Louis Vuitton..a branded name

a thorn among the white roses?

Simply love Paris!


  1. Not very crowded,the streets? Not like KL...or Ipoh...

  2. Paris is a romantic city, true or not? Looks wet on that day, Wenn?

  3. Is that thorn the 'smart car'? haha. Lovely place...

  4. What? You witnessed people went on strike? Haha :D Like Malaysia o.

  5. Paris, my dream city, how i wish I can go there one day :)

  6. Paris is just like any other country. Only that it is indeed a clean and big country so it wouldn't be so crowded like here. People say it's romantic maybe it's due to the landscape, buildings and the varieties of people there.

  7. So the cars there are mostly white, black and grey. I think they won't like jinjang colours like Malaysians. LOL! Ha ha ha!


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