Happy Teacher's Day!

I wrapped some small gifts meant to be given to customers who could tell me why her/his teacher is special on my shop's facebook page. I just gave only a day for them to write their posts. It seems that only three managed to post and thus entitled for the free gifts.

A customer wanted to buy those gifts so I sold two to her. My cashier wanted to get those gifts for her two kids to be given to their teachers. Quickly she created her facebook account and posted on the page. She got two gifts.

Since I have extras, I presented some to my customers who are also teachers. They were indeed surprised to receive gifts from me. You can view the others here at my shop's page.

A favorite teacher. 
She is my former student's mum.
I have known her when I was teaching her daughter in Year 1.

A winner actually brought her Malay fitness teacher to receive her gift..

She has won two gifts..one for her mum and one for her teacher.

Since she is so sporting, I gave her another gift but it's meant for herself.

Happy Teacher's Day 
to all teachers!


  1. great idea!

    happy teacher's day!


  2. you certainly is doing lots of publicity..

  3. lovely gifts and i think the customers and teachers will like it a lot..

    1. they were happy to receive those gifts

  4. just only one day for the comments!!

  5. maybe you want to consider to have more time for customers next year..

  6. oh, i recognise the winner in the second photo..

  7. she was the winner for mother's day contest too..

  8. she sure is your loyal customer huh?? :)

  9. Mother's day pressie and now Teacher's day? Not a bad advertising idea, huh~

  10. Always giving good service to your customers and they would come back loyally :D

  11. It's like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone: Showing appreciation to your customers and increasing your business, hihi~

  12. Happy teacher's day to all great teachers out there!

  13. Yes! Bless the teachers

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  14. Good promotion and good reward to loyal customers. :)


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