Empire Hotel

there's an iPod beside the bed

those paintings are printed ones..not the original
the wires are inside the working desk.

the mirror image of the original painting..

The view from the window..

I don't know how much is the room as it was sponsored by the Wyeth company. I came to this hotel to attend a function organized by Wyeth. It was a good break for me..


  1. wow, nice hotel and i think Wyeth is appreciating you all by providing such nice hotel..

    1. it's actually for the launch of the new milk powder

  2. i like the paintings though they are printed, they just liven up the whole room right??

  3. empire hotel, hahaha!! have you heard about the explosion incident in the shopping mall last year?? :p

  4. aiyo...SK. You dont scare Wenn la. That one just an accident mah. Now surely they fixed it already

  5. My kids milk powder since birth. But not anymore coz they grew up and I've changed to something more economical.

  6. Wah, really nice hotel....

  7. Nice hotel. I don't mind staying there! : )

  8. a good escape for a night with soft fluffy pillows :) i need that too!

    Latest: Nyonya for Mama

  9. Good room!! Wyeth is doing a good job...hope the brand lasts and proves to be good...and getting better all the time.


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