The Winning Slogan

I had held a Mother's Day Contest recently. It was part of my aim to promote my shop's page. I had printed my page site and even wrapped those hampers ready as prizes. Some customers were too shy to participate and some really don't have a facebook account.

For a matter of a week, I had managed to round up those participants. Here are their slogans..

Can you guess the winning slogan? If you can guess it correctly, I might send you a little gift..


1. I Love My Mom Because she's my world, my supporter, my bestfriend, my shoulder to cry on and my secret keeper

2. I love my mum because she is my teacher, my mentor and my one & only coach teaching me what really matters in this world

3. I love my mum because she has mold me with a good character and what I'm today is cause of her, thanks mummy

4. I love my mum because she is like the "kacang" in the "ice kacang", without her I would'nt have tasted the flavours of life

5. I love my mum because her love towards me is beyond description and she will always be my hero

6. I love my mum because she is a star that would not fall from the sky and will always stay there to stand by me

7. I'm forever her baby . . . she continues to take care of me even I'm old, if she is still around

8. 我爱我妈因为“她让我有一个精彩人生也没有怨言默默为我付出

9. I love my mum because she believes in me, prevented me from being sent to a "Home." She stands by me, that's my MUM!

10. I love my mom because she sold nasi lemak so my sisters and I can have money for school lunches

11. I love my mom cause i love my mum ,there are no reasons that I should give cause she enlighted my life .LOVE U MOM

12. I love my mum because she's very caring and taking good care of my unable younger sister

13. I Love you mom because i'm not here without you.Happy mother's day though you have left me to GOD

14. like all mothers, she sacrifices so much providing for the home. Mothers are God's masterpiece polished with pure gold.


  1. so, here comes all the slogans!!

  2. i must salute all that participated, because i'm really lousy in writing slogans!! :D

  3. let's see, most probably #8 is out because the winner is not a chinese..

  4. difficult to tell whom you've chosen as the winner, but i kind of like #1, #6 and #11..

  5. ok, now my guess for the winning slogan: #13??

  6. Number 4... the flavours of life.. :)

  7. i choose number 1.
    Sometime .. it is realy difficult to express in words..
    Guy "paiseh" to speak .. kekeke ..
    but I hug and kiss my mum ...

    1. hugging and kissing show love too

  8. I wanted to cry after reading one by one. They are all good and you must have shortlisted the final best of the best. Well I like No.4 because my mum pushed me hard since I was young to have the leadership character and opened my eyes to see the colours & flavours of life!

    1. are a winner with those beautiful words.

    2. Yooohoooo!!!!! Hooo! Hoooo! I cannot believe it. Spot on guess!

  9. I love the cake photo in your background!

  10. Juz try my luck....I love no.4 slogan...

  11. YES! the winning slogan is no. 4..

    I will send a small gift to those of you who have guessed correctly as promised.


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