Fungi Jam

I bought this specific imported jam and it's air-tight. Most of the time, I had to ask my husband to open the cover for me. So far it was in good condition. But this time it was not so. 

Since my husband was not around at that time when I wanted to open that bottle of jam, I asked my guy staff to open the cover for me. He took some time to open it. I just tighten it a bit and left it in my bag.

The next morning, when I wanted to eat bread with the jam, I opened the cover. To my surprise, it has mould on the jam. I thought maybe I could just scrap it away and continue taking it.

But my conscience told me to return it. So I asked my husband if it could be returned. Of course, he said. So Next time when you buy jam, make sure it's in good condition..


  1. oh, you mean this is a new bottle of jam you just took from the shelf??

  2. hmmm, in this case i think better not consume at all..

  3. unless it's like you've already opened it and consumed before.. then maybe can just scoop the fungi away and continue consuming..

  4. so tight you need to get a guy to open it for you?? hmmm, time to youtube some tips on how to open tight cover..

    1. too tight even tips won't help..

  5. You do not need to go to hike any places in order to have a view on fungi.

  6. How come got fungi inside? Not expired yet right?

  7. Aiks, usually I scoop without looking at the content.

    I trust the expiry date mah; not yet expired means still consumable.

  8. Die la, don't know eat how much fungus already. But then, I'm still ok *touchwood* and just treat it as another mushroom meal :p


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