Slovakia small town

After our lunch at the Lux Hotel, we walked towards the small town. Just to explore it..

Just outside the Lux Hotel, we saw this unique vehicle.

We walked further and here's the special restaurant.

We walked past a building and there's a statue in front of it.

The small town with the awesome clock tower.

Another special building. I like the rooftop.

What's this? A lady statue..

and a guy statue right behind her.

Simply beautiful fountain.

Special delicacies.

A kind of biscuits.

A picture to remember it by..


  1. no idea what's the name of this small town?? haha, the guide didn't mention??

    1. the restaurant is really unique.. at first I thot it's a cottage house..

    2. the pyramid glass roof.. so nice, I think they followed the one at Louvre Museum in Paris?? or otherwise?? hehe..

    3. I think statues are almost everyone in Europe, that's what make them look so classy right?? haha..

    4. the biscuits look very special.. did you buy some to try?? really look presentable as souvenirs right?? :)

    5. It was not in the itinerary so I forgot the name of the small town. Actually those buildings are very special in their own ways. Statues can be found everywhere too. But I didn't buy the biscuits as I didn't have its currency.

  2. Wenn..i am like you.. come back from tour and i forget most of the names of the towns.. hahaha...

    1.'s because I didn't write down at all..


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