3rd day in UK

We took a bus to St Albans which it happened to be a morning market day. Lots of items were sold especially food, fruits and vegetables. We had our breakfast at the Bake House.

Then we took a slow stroll along the lake. Love the swans.

This swan was saying 'Hello'.

Even the seagulls were amazing.

Autumn is simply irresistible!

Bought a bouquet of flowers for my girl's graduation which is on the Tuesday 19 Nov.

Congratulations, my girl.


  1. She deserves the Congratulatory wishes from us here too!! Congratulations!!!

  2. It is such a nice weather to take a stroll at the lake...

  3. Hmm, we shall wait for tomorrow post is all about your girl's graduation day.

  4. it's always a nice experience to go to the local markets when you are traveling, there's where you see more of the local lifestyle and culture.. :)

  5. lovely swans.. and do you know it's said that the Queen owns all swans in open water in Britain that are unmarked?? so don't try to catch one there, haha~~ :D

  6. Time really flies, your girl graduated already..is she coming back for good or continue her post graduate studies?

  7. Lovely swans.

    That's alovely bouquet for your daughter's graduation :)

  8. so fast her graduation. Felt like you just sent her over.


  9. Congratulations to your daughter!! She made her mummy and daddy so proud!!

  10. When I was in overseas I could spend lots of time admiring the swans and mandarin ducks in the lakes! They looked so graceful and nice but over here, I won't even take a second look at our ducks in the dirty pond!! Am I biased?? LOL

  11. Heartfelt congratulations to you BOTH!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

  12. Good day wenn!

    Love the lake, so pretty la! And nice flowers too, congrats to your girl~

  13. Hello Wenn,

    Congrats to your daughter! The flowers are pretty. I am sure your daughter is very pleased with them.

    Have fun!

  14. I wonder what is the course she is studying over there...


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