to Inv'ness

 Had our breakfast at the Premier Inn Edinburgh before we adjourned to Inv'ness.

 Love the sunrise.

 At the Scottish Highlands, we had a chance to view the mountain freshly covered with snow.

 That's the castle which we could view on our cruise.

 @ the Loch Ness

 The long river

The ferry

What a nice experience!


  1. Ooh. Look at your plate of breakfast. That look heavy for breakfast. haha.

    Spot anything in Loch Ness? ;)

  2. The sunrise view so amazing!!! Nice to see such a beautiful view in the morning!!! =]

  3. indeed a very nice experience.. a hearty breakfast to start your trip to Inverness, and along the way you see so many great and beautiful scenery, ah, that's nice!!! :)

  4. i love steaks, can i have one :P

  5. Good morning my friends! Greetings rom Scotland!

  6. Looks like you have a really looong holidays!! When coming back? Hehe~

  7. Hello Wenn,

    Did you eat any Haggis and black pudding for breakfast? If not, should try some before the end of your Scotland trip.

    Spot the Loch Ness monster during the cruise?

    Have fun!

  8. The world-famous loch-ness...looks very enormous. That's why it is difficult to spot the monster. :p

  9. Awesome view. I love the 2nd pic.

  10. You had a vcruise experience along the long river...that is fun and truly a good experience

  11. Indeed an awesome experience!

  12. What a unique name Inv'ness! I thought it is Inverness, no?

  13. The place of Macbeth. No Nessie? I have a classmate who lives near there and she was just back here early this year.

  14. Maybe it's just a legend. Interesting!


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