5th day in UK

We decided to stay put in Hatfield as the next day would be my girl's graduation.

The flowers that I bought 2 days ago were already blooming beautifully.

We just took a morning walk to Hatfield town centre to have our lunch and shop.

It was indeed very cold and I needed to put on the leather jacket too.

Bought some tidbits and my girl used the machine to pay them. So convenient.

We went back to Galleria Frankie and Benny's for our dinner.

We had hot dog and potato skin.

Then we were short changed. Not much but £12! Can you guess the amount of the coins that we paid?


  1. Wow...use machines to pay for tidbits. :D Very convenient.

  2. Daisies absolutely a nice flower to give on graduation day.

  3. Oh the first photo, the weather seems very cold. Like snowing. I bet Scotland is snowing could it be?

  4. That titbits vendor machine looks so cool. So hightech than here...

  5. Did you get back the correct change in the end?

  6. Hatfield looks like a nice city!

  7. Yes, Hatfield is a lovely place.

  8. Their flowers always bloomed beautifully and last for many days. I believe it must be the cool and dry weather!

  9. Hatfield looks like a very lovely place.. but I guess when you are with your girl, any place would be a great place right?? :)

  10. Hi Wenn. Thanks for the post reminder. Didnt know I missed this post!

    Beautiful flowers for your girl. Hmm, Hatfield looks like a beautiful and peaceful place from your pics. The weather must be cool and dry now.


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