Food taster

Somehow this particular customer has chosen us as her food tasters. Firstly, she brought this plate of cheese cake for us. She wanted us to taste it and tell her truthfully about it.

Well, of course, we wouldn't tell her bluntly that it wasn't good. Most of us just said that it tasted good.

The next day, she brought custards for us. This time we ate it immediately. It was indeed smooth and delicious.

She asked me regarding the cheese cake. She wanted me to be frank. So I told her frankly. Firstly, the cheese was not sourish. For cheese cake, it should be sourish. Yoghurt should be added and lime mustn't be left out.

What about the base? She asked. Well, it was considered  satisfying as she used crackers. Maybe chocolate powder should be added to make it chocolatey.

Maybe she shouldn't put jam over it. It spoiled the taste as it was too sweet.

Wonder what will be her next menu.

My worker asked: 'Why she's so free?'

"Well. Her kids must be all grown ups. I might be that free too one day!" I replied.


  1. If me, i would prefer to be told the truth so that i can improve on it...

  2. hmmm, good and bad being food taster (aka the white mice).. good that you can have free food, bad could probably be the food isn't as nice as you expected and that you gotta think of ways to feedback in order not to hurt the one who offered you to taste the food.. :)

  3. ah, frankly, i don't find the photo of the cheesecake appealing, maybe it's the way they were wrapped, haha.. and yeah, i think you are right, should add a little sourness into the cheese so that you won't feel that it's too sweet and get "jelak" too soon.. chocolate base or not i think it's personal preference, and i think most will actually use digestive biscuits for the base correct??

  4. The next time there is a vacancy for food taster, count me in, Wenn! hahahaa...

  5. Is she opening a restaurant? We never know right?

  6. An avid baker maybe?

    a friend also love to bake and almost everyday she will bring her cake for us to try. Whether new cake or those unsuccessful cake. She is a perfectionist so if her cake didnt turn out as she wanted then I get to enjoy her unwanted cakes. haha. But still her cakes really good. Not too sweet. Fit my tastebuds.

  7. Honesty is the best policy. She will improve and appreciate your honest comments. That is what I do to my friend. Tell her honestly on her cakes.

  8. If I ask someone to taste my food, yes, I want them to be truthful.

    And actually, not nice for your staff to question why she's free la.

    Maybe she's doing it to start a way to earn money? Learn first. Earn later.

  9. Good afternoon wenn!

    So coincident, I baked lemon lime cheesecake yesterday! Yea, somehow cheesecake must be a bit sourish~

  10. So lucky for you to be a designated food taster. :)

  11. Is cheese cake meant to be sourish? Those that I have eaten so far from Secret Recipe do not seem sourish to me.

    Yes, like SK said above, there are pros and cons being food taster. One of the cons is one can gain weight by tasting food very often.

    Hopefully your customer can improve her baking skills from your constructive feedback.

  12. Hmm good or bad. then you guys are very "yao hao fook". Able to be her food taster!

    1. Ya I agree that don't use jam as the filling... must be very sweet. Unless we mix with fresh strawberries.

    2. The custard must be very good right...yumz

    3. So far I never made any pudding yet. Must try to make some

  13. Wah!!!! My eyes went wide and big to hear that yoghurt must be added into Cheese cakes! i didn't realise that as it was not in my recipe but your suggestion makes sense. Thank you!

  14. I love to eat non baked Cheese Cakes that use biscuit crumbs as the crust with Cream Cheese poured inside before freezing it. Tastes like heavenly ice cream!!!

    You are so lucky to have a friend to let you do tasting! I would be flattered and happy if offered.


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