Christmas headbands

I simply love all those Christmas stuff that I saw when my girl took us shopping. I couldn't resist most of them but my girl reminded me that I could get them from Ipoh itself. 

So I didn't buy much but I was attracted to the headbands. I had to buy them as I might not get them in Ipoh.

I bought three similar headbands meant for my cashiers. They were only a pound each. The other three were more expensive but I like them. 

You may have to wait and see who will be wearing the other three. We will be wearing them soon. Will I be wearing one of them?


  1. Good morning Wenn,

    Hope to see you wearing one of the headbands yourself!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. those christmas headbands are surely nice to be worn to make that "christmasy" feel in the shop.. if you can get them in Ipoh, make the ladies wear these headbands and gentlemen wear the santa hats, then everyone will like to go to Chang Jiang~~ :)

  3. In the mood of Christmas. I like thoseheadbands. I think can be found here but not so nice.

  4. Back to work already? Ok, will come by to see who are wearing them in December... hahaha...

  5. yes you should and wear with a very tight mini skirt... GOOD..

  6. Good afternoon wenn! Welcome back!

    Nice headbands, yes you should wear it to work la! ;)

  7. All of them must be good looking with all that head bands. Christmas is coming, yeah

    1. Yea, Christmas is coming! Time really flies, after Christmas then its New Year!

  8. 1pound in UK consider very cheap. I had one at home, of course yours look nicer.

  9. Remember to snap a photo of them wearing the headbands and posted at Chang Jiang.

  10. Wah.... 1 pound for a headband is cheap in UK but not here la. WENNakam, just buy la and have fun with the cashiers! Every customer would ask where you bought them and you can proudly boast FROM UNITED KINGDOM!

    Actually the simple headband here costs only RM2.50

  11. I'll wear the christmas red hat as usual, hehe!!! =]


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