free and easy in Edinburgh

 It's a cool day and we were up for a trip to the old town of Edinburgh.

 Look at the grass. They had turned frosty.

 Here's the Edinburgh Castle.

 View from the castle.

 Of corse we had to pay for the entrance. Guess the fee.

 Love this view.

 Sorry no photography allowed. Here's the photo of the ruined abbey.

We visited another awesome place before we called it a day. Guess what..


  1. Hello Wenn,

    Is that photo Holyrood Palace you visited?

    I just did not pay the entrance fees to visit Edinburgh Castle, just took photos on the outside.

    Your Scotland trip is really enjoyable!

  2. what a nice day out in such a beautiful place!!

  3. hope to see more nice photos and proper posts when you are back home.. i know you were surely posting this in a rush~~ :p

  4. Look forward to see more post about your trip...

  5. Edinburgh it is such a nice place for great picture and breath taking. Wonderful trip Wenn.

  6. How much is the entrance fee? I have no idea.

  7. I day trip, do you think is enough?

  8. It was £16 for the castle entrance and it's a worthwhile experiece.

  9. Edinburgh Castle is world famous! you must blog the details soon!

  10. Edinburg seems like a nice country! I have a friend who stayed there long term cause her hubby is doing research there~

    1. The castle fee? Hmm I have no idea...


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