hello Scotland

 We crossed the border through the massive walls of Hadrian. The walls are throughout our journey before we finally reached Scotland.

 Here we are Scotland!

 I had to brave the fantastically coolness of the Scottish air!

 We had a walking tour of the town Edinburgh. Super cold!

 Simply love the architecture of the ancient buildings!

 After the splendid views, we reached the hotel whereby dinner were served.

Guess what I had.

Now, it's morning. Waiting to get our breakfast and then to get around the town on our own.

Just 30 mins of free wifi provided. So got to hurry..

More pictures when I get home..
Bye for now. Have a nice day!


  1. Scotland seems like a nice country la!!
    How I wish to go on a holidays too!

    You enjoy ya~

  2. interesting, you are now in Scotland!! nice scenery and buildings there, like it..

  3. sausages with mashed potatoes and peas for dinner?? hmm, delicious, especially nice for such cold weather huh?? :)

  4. Beautiful scenery in Scotland! Enjoy your trip.

  5. Wenn you really look good in the photo. Good to hear that you are enjoying yourself in Scotland. Brought back nice memories for me.

  6. I love Scotland and my dream is to go to Loch Ness !

  7. The buildings look stunning. :D

  8. Wenn, you must try their Scottish patties for breakfast... :) I like Edinburgh.. more malls to go to.. hahhaa...

  9. Scotland! a beautiful country.

  10. Edinburgh is indeed beautiful.

  11. I never been there before. But my friend told me Scotland has a freezing cold weather.

  12. So that was your Scottish dinner? I saw mashed potatoes there. Yumz

  13. Sometimes there are a lot more to see and experience than just shopping experience. Those building looks legendary.

  14. We didn't do much shopping as business is closed early everydsy.

  15. The buildings are nice. How come only 30 mins wifi?


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