Deepavali at Chang Jiang

Yesterday was Deepavali day. I went to the shop after I had cooked lunch. It was already 10.30am. I had a missed call from the boss earlier. It definitely must be a SOS call. 

True enough..when I reached the shop, I saw that most of my hampers were sold out. Just left a few. I knew that I would be wrapping hampers whole day long.

Well, before I started my work, I put the henna stickers for my people including myself.

 Took pictures of them and also their hands with the henna.

Just when I wanted to start my hamper wrapping, I saw a customer in nice suit. 
I asked permission to take a photo with her.
After a photo was taken, I gave her a bar of chocolate.
Surprisingly, she came back later at night to give me 
some Deepavali goodies as seen right below this post..

Next, I saw another pretty customer. She asked: 'Are you Malaysian?'
I was surprised: 
I answered: 'Do I look like Korean?'
She said "Yes!'

Next I was further surprised when I received this cake. 
Can you see my new name?
haha..I like the name!

This delicious fruit cake was given by my faithful commenter in Chang Jiang facebook.
She is an awesome poet who could easily come out with any
beautiful poem spontaneously!
Here we took a picture with the boss.

They were given by the first customer as shown above.

Thank you my dear customer.


  1. So nice of the first customer to come back and give the cookies and muruku.

  2. Wow! So many nice Deepavali gifts! So you are Wenn Kumari? :D

  3. looks like it was such a joyous day in the shop yesterday on Deepavali.. and you are "catching" some customers all dressed up to take photo with you in the shop.. nice!! :)

  4. and your customers even came back to give you something, i love those Deepavali goodies they look very yummy, and of course that Deepavali cake especially for Wenn Kumari!! hahaha, they are so sweet!! how nice to have such customers like them huh?? Wennakam~~ :)

  5. that is a nice cake. haha. Nice name too, wenn. You must have lots of good customers

  6. how many more hampers did you wrap?

  7. Happy Diwali and good business!
    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  8. Nice of the customer to come back to give you Deepavali goodies...

  9. Your hard work on those hampers paid off and oh do look a bit Korean. Haha!

  10. She's so sweet!!! Like your new name, hahaha!!! =]

  11. nice of you and your friends too!

  12. So next time we can call you Kumari... hahaha..

  13. Good evening there!

    Looks like you had a fun time 'celebrating' Deepavali!
    You are so active in those events, hehe, unlike me, totally no special mood for Deepavali, just spend it like any ordinary day ;)

    1. But I did bought some Murukku from an Indian food stall few days ago, long time din't eat that, my craving was satisfied! ;)

  14. WooHoo since when you're Wenn Kumari

  15. Mentioning about Deepavali cookies and murukku. Every year I definitely will buy a packet of murukku from the Indian stall near my mum house there...

  16. First we had Anay, then Thambee came along and now we have Wenn Kumari!!!! Wakakakakakaka

  17. I agree that you don't really look like a Malaysian and that's good news la. To me you look like some people in Taiwan or Beijing la. I visited Taiwan many times and they have several clans there that you be sharing same ancestors with you.

  18. I enjoyed reading all your posts about your sarees and Indian Customers. They are so warm and very appreciative people. Sadly I must say that sometimes our own race have more selfish and cunning folks.


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