Deepavali Lunch

I wanted to go to work to do some work but I was held back by Teddy. He shitted all over the compound so I had to give him a good bath. When it was done, I got ready and changed. Thought I could just go to the shop for a short while but I chanced my mind. I had to wait for my boy and girl to get ready as I decided to go straight to a Deepavali open house. 

Yes, we were invited. The boss couldn't join us as he had to stay in the shop.

So hurriedly, we went to my friend's place to get two cakes.
I had chosen this special cake for my customer 
who had invited us to his Deepavali open house.

This pandan-layered cake for my customer who was not well recently.

So here's our first stop.
She was better now.
Just a short stop-over and we hopped over to our actual destination.

Took a group photo with them. 
My customer and his big family.

This was what we had. Banana leaf curry rice.
Very scrumptious!

My boy enjoyed it very much with his first time using his fingers.

Took a shot with my customer's mum who was the chef for the day!
She was beaming from ear to ear when I told her that she cooked
such yummy food!

After the visitation, we went home, changed and quickly got to Jusco for our movie.

See how near we sat! 
Nevertheless, it was a great movie 
and I enjoyed myself!
I had a great Sunday!


  1. Dear Wenn, It is so nice to read about your wonderful day spent with your customers and children. What a great idea to end the day with a movie with your son and daughter. Good to hear that you enjoyed yourself. I believe your children enjoyed themselves very much too, especially your son who ate using his fingers to learn about the culture of others.

    Good night.

  2. i love banana leaf curry rice!

    That is indeed a very big family. haha

  3. I wanna watch Thor 2 too. Or maybe I just wanna watch Chris Hemsworth. lol

  4. Great outing on a beautiful Sunday!! I had a nice time too.. with my girl.. we went to Aeon Canton-i again.. hahaha...

  5. Banana leaf curry rice... I'm drool over it. Finger lickin good eh!

  6. oh, so you also kind of celebrated Diwali with house visit and also a movie.. hmmm, some places celebrate Deepavali on Saturday and some places celebrate it on Sunday.. did you ask your friends why is it so and not everyone celebrating on the same day?? :)

  7. nice cake and i am sure your friends were delighted to receive them as gift.. and my, that banana leaf rice, homecooked somemore!! must be very delicious, i love it.. :)

  8. row C meaning the 3rd row from the screen?? wow, i hope you didn't feel dizzy watching the movie, especially that this is an action packed movie i guess?? but as expected, sure many flocked to watch Thor.. i will be watching tomorrow but i bought my ticket last Thursday online, so i got a nice seat~~ :)

  9. A nice day at your customer place ya... hehe...

  10. I ever try eating with my hand, but that was eating at home, hehe...

  11. Understand tomorrow is PH in Malaysia, shop open tomorrow?

  12. You sure had a great Deepavali there :-)

  13. You are so thoughtful and ordered 2 special cakes for them!! The colours really looked like their festive colours! Nice! I bet they will remember you forever and you will be blessed with many more happy returns!

  14. Wennakam Wenn Kumari!!! Yennga Poreng Ngeh!??... What an eventful day you had! You are so popular with all the Indian customers now and soon you might be blogging in Tamil too. Muahahahaha

  15. New layout of your blog? Like the first cake, it looks like minions celebrate Deepavali too, so cute!!! =]

  16. Glad that you had a great Sunday ;)

    Yep, Thor 2 is quite a nice movie to watch~


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