BP Diagnostic Centre

Last Sunday my friend sold me this voucher to have my blood test done. I am entitled to a comprehensive blood test package which consists of 63 types of tests including ECG priced at only RM100. The normal price is RM270.

This voucher is sold by the Methodist Church in Malaysia.

It is only valid until 31 Dec 2010.

So this morning, I got up feeling fresh and immediately I decided to go for the test.

Reached there at about 8.30am.
By 9am, it was already done.

There were 3 test tubes of my blood..

I had my ECG done for the very first time.
My result: my heart is OK.

I got to go back there next Mon to collect my report.

So if you need this special voucher, I can ask it for you from my friend.
But you need to pay the RM100 to her.
Let me know..


  1. Good to do a test once a while to know how our body are.

  2. I wanna do the ECG too. But I am scared that the doctor will say my heart is not OK. :(

  3. Hope all is well, Wenn!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  4. I always get my tests done too. Recently I heard that blood tests could not detect many other deadly problems like blockage and cancer, so I signed up a 10 year check up program with Gleneagles.

  5. so you're very healthy despite all the eatings huh?? :p

  6. Good to do a medical check up every year. Besides, you can get deductions for income tax.

  7. From your heading thought British Petroleum is giving your new Toyota a diagnostic check haha..must go for yearly check up..btw you have not told us your dream Toyota car leh???tQ

  8. Oppps time for me to go for a check up too! LOL!

  9. ok claire, will get one for u.

  10. SK, i hv yet to see my report next mon. Only the ECG result is ok.

  11. bananaz, my dream car would be Camry but got to see if it's for real.

  12. Friends, better go for a test if you hvn't done yet.

  13. It's high time for me to do 1 too. Wanted to do a full med chk-up in Aug, but got sick at that time. Postpone till now. :p
    Wenn, the ECG test is resting ECG, not the threadmill one, rite?

  14. slavemom, mine is the resting one.

  15. Hope all is really well.

    Happy Sunday! 10/10/2010! The perfectness! Isn't it?

    B xx


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