Nestle Contest

Would you like to join this Nestle Contest?
Very easy. .

Just buy any Nestle products which cost RM20 and above from our shop.
You will get a contest form.

All you need to do is just make a guess..

How many packets of milo are there in the transparent container?

Of course, you should be keen on the prizes.

Contest opens from now till the end of December.

Well, definitely most of you won't be able to take part in the contest.
So, it doesn't matter..

Just make your guess.

See if you got it right.

I will send you a prize..


  1. psstt... wenn, any tip si? hehehe... ok, see i got inspirasi or not later on.. then i guess how many packets of milo there.. need me to go to your shop to buy 20rm worth of nestle or not? Ipoh bloggers have to buy.. right?

  2. Claire, this contest only happens here n u got the chance to win the first prize which is a home theater system.

  3. I wanna join. Can? I am from Malacca. :p I buy the nestle product then you send it to me. LOL :D

  4. Erm... 79? That's my lucky number!:D

    Wishing you a great weekend!

  5. tekkaus, u can join. What product do u need?

  6. will announce the answer at the end of december.

  7. wow, so that's the contest you did to attract more customers?? hmmm, really difficult to guess how many packs, but let's say 88?? haha..

  8. SK, it's done by Nestle Company. It's a win-win situation.

  9. Love the new look of your blog.
    My guess is 120 packets. :)

  10. Let me try out....77packs....
    But I am not at Ipoh...I am at East Msia,sibu..Jz wanna khepoh2 nia.

  11. 69? the number juz came into my mind! Rofl

  12. the answer is no one won here..


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