RM50 vs RM1

Let's look at these two notes. In a glance, don't they look about the same?

Here goes my story:

One fine morning, we had quite a number of customers waiting at the counter. And this young guy seemed to be in a hurry. He had only an item and it cost him RM11.50.

My cashier keyed in the amount as he handed his money to me cos I was standing beside my cashier. He had a RM10 note and two of the above.

I took them and realized immediately that he had given me a RM10, a RM1 and a RM50! That was too much. I said jokingly, "Wow, you want to pay that much?"

He smiled and quickly put out his hand. Of course, I returned to him.

Another story:

My new cashier was keying in the amount of items and the total is RM40. The customer paid her RM50. She took it and guess what she gave him?

She gave him RM40 as his change. The customer was kind enough and asked her, "Why do you give me so much?" Then she realized that she had made a mistake.

In a nutshell,

Mistakes can happen and it's best to be honest as in the saying,

"Honest is the best policy."


  1. Hope you wont be faced with this kinda blunders anymore .. not all customers are too kind to return the money :)

  2. LOL! For the very FIRST time, TODAY, we are both the First Commenter in each other's blog, Wenn! hahaha...

  3. yea true, everyone should have encountered this situation before. Hopefully everyone's honest :)

  4. Yupe! We are bound to make mistake but must learn from mistake. :D

  5. Yes, happened to me once - gave TWO RM50 to pay RM2...at my regular Malay kuih stall in the kampung. Luckily the lady's honest...and brought my attention to my mistake.

  6. Oh yessssssssss....i agree very much to u. The 2 notes are really looks alike and makes many many of us make payment wrongly.

  7. Indeed, honesty is the best policy. :)

  8. Yes, 50rm is very similiar to rm1.. i worry for my mum too.. her eyes blur blur.. we normal person also can make mistakes...
    so honest of you Wenn .. and the customer too.. how nice to know that there are good people around us.. :)

  9. hehe, that is why i always put the RM50 notes in another compartment..

  10. Ya mistake can happen. Another thing you have to watch out for is the folded notes. Dont think will happen at your stall but happens a lot in markets and pasar mlm. Some ppl will gv folded notes. Then at the end of the day, the trader would find out that the "folded" notes is actually tear off half. Kena tipu

  11. Wah~! Your cashier is so generous! Couldn't agree with you more, honesty is an important virtue!:)

  12. Mistake can always happen and honesty is the KEY words for life.

  13. Good the be honest. What comes around, goes around.

    The RM50 & RM1 reminds me of my friend. She went to kopitiam and bought a packet of drink. She gave the uncle RM50 (she thought it was RM1) and the uncle told her no small change ka? She also blur blur until she realized she actually gave RM50 instead of RM1. haha.... really look a like at 1 glance.

  14. Oh! Such a dangerous mistake if we return the wrong amount of money. Hehehe

  15. Right on honesty the best policy. Went for lunch one day economy rice paid RM10 owner paid me over RM45 told him overpaid me thought I gave him RM50 and got the change adjusted..

  16. Agree with Merryn "Honesty IS the BEST policy".

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