My second book from BookSneeze

My first book from BookSneeze..

I took 3 Sundays to read the book..

After I had done my review of the book, I immediately requested for a second book on the 12 Oct.

Today, this book arrived. I would have to spend several Sundays again to read it.

Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado..

If you are keen in reading,
why not request a book from BookSneeze straight away.
You get a free book for your reading.

Isn't that nice?

Thank you, BookSneeze!


  1. Wow...can get free? But then have to return the book ar? :p

  2. yeap, i got the third book already. hehee..nice! continue reading! :D maybe we can exchange books too...

  3. can msg me in facebook on the first book review?

  4. my review on the first book is posted at my other blog, Knowledge, recently.

  5. I applied long ago, but they didn't give me any feedback leh~! Thought they are going to notify me via email...:(

  6. oh, so you are into reading now?? hehe.. :p

  7. i will be lazy to read. I think I will need a whole year to finish 1 book. hehe

  8. I hardly have the time to read but I make it a point to read on sunday.


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