Churp Churp

I just can't resist it. Tekkaus is earning a lot of money from Churp Churp. So I must follow suit.

Actually I signed up about a month ago but I forgot to activate it.

Here I go..pasted the badge already. Hoping to earn lots from Churp Churp..

What about you?

Are you a churper already?


  1. Now you can start earning with ChurpChurp! :D

  2. yeah, really "red eye" seeing Tekkaus earning RM2000++ from there!!! can't believe that!!

  3. I know nothing about this Churp Churp.. Maybe can get more info from Tekkaus's blog?

  4. I am still new..Tekkaus has blogged about it.

  5. er... havent sign up for churp churp.


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