Kim Bali

Today, I met Claire and Elin for lunch at Kim Bali, First Garden, Ipoh.

I met Elin for the first time and
she gave me these scrumptious
oreo cheese cupcakes and banana chocolate cake.

Thanks Elin..
We enjoyed eating them!

It's nice meeting both of you.
Hope to see you again..

Hop over to Scrumptious to have a look at what we had.


  1. WENN.. u r fast... i havent even downloaded my pictures yet.. i will put them up on monday.. hahaa..

  2. Tekkaus, Please hv a look at the food at my blog, Scrumptious.

  3. Great outing, awesome gathering!^-^

  4. So good to be able to meed blogger friends in person. Hopefully, one day I can meet you too when I go back to Ipoh. Kim Bali seem to serve a variety of food from other countries.

  5. autumn belle, hope to meet u one day..

  6. Oooo....jalan2 cari makan with Claire and Elin! I love Indon food... The nasi padang's the best - used to go for that in Singapore.

  7. nice restaurant, and i guess the company is even nicer right?? :)


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