My Boxer loves to bathe

This boxer has been with us for almost 10 years. I love her very much. She is a darling as she doesn't complain much. She loves to eat human food and refuses to eat dog's food.

She simply loves to bathe..

Dog's Age in Human Years

Most people think that a dog's age in human years
is simply, 7 times the dog's age. This is actually the correct
way to convert your dog's age:

a 5 month old dog would be 10 years old if they were human
8 month old dog = 13 year old human
10 month old dog = 14 year old human
1 year old dog = 15 year old human
2 year old dog = 24 year old human
3 year old dog = 28 year old human
4 year old dog = 32 year old human
5 year old dog = 36 year old human
6 year old dog = 40 year old human
7 year old dog = 44 year old human
8 year old dog = 48 year old human
9 year old dog = 52 year old human
10 year old dog = 56 year old human
11 year old dog = 60 year old human
12 year old dog = 64 year old human
13 year old dog = 68 year old human
14 year old dog = 72 year old human
15 year old dog = 76 year old human
16 year old dog = 80 year old human
17 year old dog = 84 year old human
18 year old dog = 88 year old human
19 year old dog = 89 year old human
20 year old dog = 93 year old human
21 year old dog = 96 year old human
22 year old dog = 99 year old human
23 year old dog = 103 year old human
24 year old dog = 106 year old human


  1. Great info!

    Your doggie is SO cute!!

    Happy weekend!

    B xx

  2. You are blessed with a good friend!

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral


  3. I like the info you put together with the vid. Happy Sunday wenn!

  4. Eventhough boxer has been around in less time than you, he is older than you!

  5. Boxer good family dog....they love children!

  6. this is the correct way to count or convert dog age? I see. All this while I thought just times 7. :D

    Hie Boxer, wanna box?

  7. hehehehhe, Boxer is a Chinese dog.

    When I was feeding a pair of semi feral cats after they were abandoned, they like can tuna, not jelly salmon. They LOVE chicken.

  8. Interesting info. Din know there is such an age translation.


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