On the 23 July, my girl and I went to Takahashi at Jaya Jusco Ipoh to have our dinner.

the entrance

Here's the menu..


Side Dish






Takahashi Set

Here's our cup of free green tea..

I have posted what we had at Scrumptious.

Later, we wanted to buy a set of the curry rice for my girl at home but too bad, we were not allowed to take away.


  1. Tapau what? The food? So weird geh ...not allow to tapau food :(

  2. Cannot tapau? This says a lot about their service. Was there service charge in the bill?

    If customer wants to tapau food, it means that the food is good enough for takeaways. It is also a good sign that food is not wasted.

    Maybe this restaurant does not have the container to pack the food. Or they'd rather throw away the food than let the customer bring it back? In the worst case, do they want to recycle the food???

  3. Autumn Belle, what I meant here was I wanted to buy a set of the curry rice and take away. But, the person-in-charge said, No take away, just eat in.

  4. "Tapau" is so commonly used here that reminds me when in US the lady in a fast food chain asked me "To Go" or "To Stay" huh blur blur!!! Its "Take away" or "Eat In" *blush*

    Not too sure whether Takahashi ran out of container or its their policy no "To Go" *haha* just not to be sued for food poisoning in case the food got contaminated later or the food may not taste good later? Just guessing.tQ

  5. Wow...they even serve pizza in Japanese restaurant now? :D All must be cold and not hot. :D

  6. Hmm... I haven't come across Takahashi near my place...

  7. Aha!!! Finally...the burger's less than RM10. So expensive... Places like this, I'd probably go on special occasions...but I'm not a fan of Japanese food.

  8. no tapao? prolly because they wanna maintain the quality of the food perhaps?

  9. I understand in some US restaurants you discretely ask for a doggy bag. And there is one place in Malaysia the waiter comes out with a plastic bag and you ta pow for yourself.


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