My very first wedding anniversary celebration

I actually decided to celebrate my success in being a campion in Fitline MLM but our wedding anniversary was on that month too. So we held a buffet party to celebrate them together. 

my sister is my upline..
we were chatting about our achievement together

my in-laws families came all the way from Taiping
I love this decoration with the love sign

my Fitline products and the gift from my girl

my home decorated for the occasion

Tony, my sister's upline was invited too..

my girl and I..
she taught me to make the love sign

the young ones eyeing for the cake..
Angie, my friend, the cake shop owner presented me with this lovely cake.

This was my very first wedding anniversary celebration.

It was indeed a very hearthwarming celebration 
with all my family members, 
relatives and friends 
being present for our happy occasion.

Thank you all!

It is a very much memorable affair in my life!

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  1. congratulations on your 19th anniversary!! and also to your achievement in the fitline business..

  2. wow, that is for sure something worth to celebrate!! and i miss this kind of open house party with all the catering food, haha.. curry chicken and fried beehoon, yummy!!

  3. nice cake!! and ooopss, now we know your actual name as well as your husband's name too.. hehe!!

  4. oh you look pretty in the photo!! hmmm, obviously so different from the normal-day you, got makeup and hair styling.. look just like sisters with your girl in the photo lah~~ :)

  5. Happy wedding anniversary.

    And congrats for being champion too!

    What a joyous occasion. :)

  6. Happy Wedding Anniversary!!! wow 19th year!! hope more to come!

    Good Luck in the winnings too!

  7. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary :)

  8. must have spent a lot of time and enegry to make it such a bi g sucess. ya kids would be eyeing the cakes the most :)

  9. congratulations for your a year of hapiness
    and for being the champion in fifline

  10. the decoration was pretty cool i love it all most especially that balloon heart just so perfect for that ocassion

    1. yes, the balloon heart is just perfect for the occasion..

  11. you've got to practice that love sign haha anyways wish you a lots of love and more years to come

  12. have a great day and happy blogging wenn god bless you and your family

  13. Congrats to your double celebrations, both take efforts to achieve..

  14. happy anniversary..
    a big house you got.... :)

  15. hey look so pretty and young! I thought both were your daughters!

    1. oh's mum and girl..

    2. I was thinking the same too, Claire. The mom is so young and I wouldn't have realize they are mom and daughter, if I didn't read the caption properly :)

  16. Happy belated anniversary, wenn!

  17. Thank you for your participation.


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