Caught Red Handed in CCTV

There was a phone call and I was busy serving the customer. The phone rang for quite some time and I managed to get hold of it..

"Hello, just now I came to your shop to buy two items and when I reached home, I  realized that I had lost my purse."

"When was that?"

"Just now." 

I looked at the time and it was already 1pm. "You must have dropped it."

"No, I put it on the counter."

"It can't be. If it's on the counter, surely we would have kept it for you."

"I will come over now."

Sure enough, she came in a short while. I asked her, "What time did you pay for your items?"

"About 12pm."

I was thinking: It wouldn't be easy for me to check the cctv if I didn't have the exact time. So I asked her about her items. She just bought a tin of biscuits and a can of sardines. I checked through my cash machine and found out that the items were bought at 12.30pm.

I set the time on the cctv and viewed it. Great, it was her and I saw something black on the floor where she stood. I reviewed it at a minute earlier and saw how she dropped her purse. She had paid for her items and put her purse into her handbag. When she turned to move away from the counter, her purse dropped.

Meanwhile, an old lady was at the counter too. She was paying for her stuff and was walking away when she saw the purse. She picked it up and put it into her shopping bag.
Unfortunately, that old lady was not a regular customer. In fact, I haven't seen her before.

I hope that the old lady would return the purse to the owner soon.. 



  1. a shame huh the old lady! :(

  2. An old lady should be wise...and not a crook...taking other people's stuff. :( I hope she will return them.

  3. oh dear... so did your customer watch the cctv too? what did she say..

  4. hmmm, looks like she wanted to push the responsibility to you by saying she put her purse on the counter table..

  5. luckily you have the CCTV to prove that you are not responsible for that..

  6. hmmm, too bad right?? you can only help her to see what has happened but not to find her purse back..

  7. It's always good to have a CCTV. But I doubt the old lady will return the purse. :(

  8. i felt sorry for that woman who lost her purse. But felt sad for that old lady who was so 'tamak'.

  9. Oh no....hope the purse will return back to the owner.

  10. Oh, no... I hope the rightful owner will get back her purse... :(

  11. It is quite lucky that the CCTV caught the footage. Even if the purse can't be returned, you still have the evidence that shows that you are not responsible for that event.

  12. Lesson learned! Always be on guard with your personal belongings. There’s no place for “Oops, I forgot it!” especially at places where people can simply come in and out. Let’s give that old woman the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, at least your customer knew who took it. She will not blame you or your management thanks to the CCTV camera.

    -Fernando Severns


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